Making spring happen – The beginning of gardening season

Making spring happen IMG_6597 IMG_6598 IMG_6599 IMG_6594

So I don’t know how many of you thought I was exaggerating when I spoke of the amount of snow we had left in our yard. Although we have been getting lovely sun and warmer days, most nights, the temperatures dip back down below freezing and we end up with ice where snow melt laid in puddles, which makes spring and sun and warmth have to work that much harder the next day. But, for the next few weeks, they are forecasting average if not higher than average temperatures, so as I mentioned Β in my Tuesday To-Do list, we were taking to the shovels and we were finding our gardens!

And that we did. After sometimes over 2 feet of layers of snow and ice, we had 256 sq.ft free, tarps were laid to help warm the soil, hoop frames were installed and in a few days, when the sun and rain will have thawed the now free dirt, we will put up the plastics, hoping to get enough “work-ability” in the soil to plant our cold crops in the first days of May.

I few other bright notes : Our backyard balcony is finally clear which means warm afternoon in our Southern exposed space, playing, reading, drinking tea and watching little ones nap in the fresh air. Also, some of our hellebore survived the intense snow as evergreens it seems… No! Those are not new growths, those are last years leaves!

Have a great day everyone and enjoy your week-end.


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27 Responses to Making spring happen – The beginning of gardening season

  1. Seems like an Adventure. With Tarps and Shovels. We haven’t had snow here at all.

    Love your Writing. Check out my Blog too. πŸ™‚


  2. Isn’t it hard to believe that in a few short months your back yard will be green and blossoming with wonderful homegrown goodies??!!?? We are bound and determined to get our garden up and growing this year!! Have a beautiful weekend!! : )

    ~ Wendy


    • quiltykanuck says:

      Yes it will! We have over 100 seedlings in our basement right now just waiting for warmth.

      How big is your plot? What all do you plant?

      Thank you for stopping by and have a great Easter week-end!


  3. kittywilkin says:

    What cold crops do you plant? You are truly inspiring me to get a cold frame built… Does it mean I could put my kale and kohlrabi seedlings out in the garden already!? I agree with Wendy… I think this early spring time of clearing out old and preparing for new, in anticipation of the gorgeous growth that will soon emerge everywhere is my favorite time of year!


    • quiltykanuck says:

      It is mine too, there just isn’t usually 3 ft of snow on my early gardening days. LOL!

      We usually put spinach, hardy kale, winter greens, chards, collards, peas and brussel sprouts into the grown 2-3 weeks before last frost. Average last frost here is about mid May so I’m usually working the soil late April. That being said, without doing what we did yesterday, with the amount of snow, I don’t think it would have happened!

      This year, we are also trying potatoes for the first time. We will be building this little cage and seeing how it works : According to my books, potatoes are a 2-3 weeks before last frost deal as well so COME ON THAWED DIRT!!!!!


  4. Wow, you still do have a lot of snow. It won’t take long now though. Happy to see you managed to get out there and get started. This weekend we will be doing more clean up around ours. Planting time is just around the corner πŸ™‚ Enjoy your weekend.


  5. mudpilewood says:

    It looks really, really cold. We have received a gift of the sun here in Ireland for Easter and everyone is making the most of it. This means planting time is really here and I’ll be extra busy this week. Take care and have a great week.


    • quiltykanuck says:

      Thank you, you as well… Right now, it’s super sunny outside. It’s 10’C but the wind has a bite to it. The sun is warm though so lots of melting going on! I’m positive that in 2 weeks, most of this snow will be gone.


  6. sophiezest says:

    Well done! It’s looking great. I love your decking.


    • quiltykanuck says:

      Thank you. That was our first big project when we bought the house. The one that came with the house was rotted through! It’s 19 X 13 ft. It’s half the area of our house. LOL!


  7. My craft corner says:

    Cant believe how much snow you have there! but spring is surely on the way now ( fingers crossed) we’ve had no snow here in the UK this year but its been a very very wet winter with floods etc, I so hope you get some warmer weather soon πŸ™‚


    • quiltykanuck says:

      It,s suppose to be MUCH warmer for the next few weeks. Today is gorgeous with well above average temps. We are very excited.

      Thank you for the warm wishes and for stopping by!


  8. Amy Saab says:

    I should tell my gardens they are wimps when the temp. drops into the 40’s at night. I wish you a good melt & a quicker mud season. Happy growing season. ~amy


  9. Kelly Sage says:



  10. Sally says:

    Wow, that is a lot of snow still! Hoping for an extra speedy melt for you. Looks like you got loads done though considering what you were working with.


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