Saturday Garden Inspiration – June 13, 2015

Sharing a little glimpse of my garden that makes me happy.

Wishing you a very peaceful day.

IMG_1517 (1280x853)

Once again this year, I’ll be sharing little glimpses of our gardens. Although so much is growing all the time, there is always a little moment every week that makes me smile extra wide and this is what I want to share with you.

Now this puts a big smile on my face. We have never, and I do mean NEVER been able to grow a single pepper. Whether it be hot, mild, colored, green… We would start plants, they would be minuscule (even after 6-8 weeks indoors) when planting season would come and they would just die within a few weeks. Last year, we gave up on them all together. But this year, we figured ONE MORE TRY!

Boy, are we ever glad we did. A few adjustments : We started them 10 weeks ahead. We had already talked about the possibility of them flowering inside and hand pollinating if it came to it but it never did. We also panted them in much bigger containers straight off the bat so we wouldn’t have to move them around so much. It all worked out wonderfully. We had nursery stock looking plants by the time late-May came around and they’ve been in the ground ever since.

As you can see, I don’t think getting a few peppers will be too hard this year! These are Friariello Di Napoli Peppers, traditional Italian frying peppers. They look like hot peppers but are very sweet and mild and are supposedly excellent when pickled and we are a house that LOVES pickled peppers in our sandwiches. We started about 12 plants, gave a few away and ended up with 8 in the ground. Right now, they all have a minimum of 10-12 flowers each and 4 of them have peppers already. This is the most impressive.

Unfortunately, not knowing if we would be successful or not, we kind of put all our peppers together which means we will not be able to collect seeds this year and expect the same results. But we have a few seeds left and believe me, if they turn out as wonderful as we expect, we will be isolating them next year and we will be saving our seeds from now on.

How is your garden growing?


About Yanic A.

Hello to all of you and thank you for stopping by! My name is Yanic. I'm a wife to a wonderful husband, a mother of 2 beautifully complex and unique children and a lover of all things inspiring. Having started a personal journey of self discovery when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter 4 years ago, I've since embraced a daily life of simpler pleasures and gratitude. As we get to know each other, you will know me as a quilter, a gardener, a Tao cultivator, a vegetarian foodie, a true believer in a healthy family life as being the secret to my happiness and hopefully as time goes on, a friend... I will try to share with you my days as they unfold, speaking of my happy successes without censoring my challenges, trying to make this blog a true portrait of the ever-changing path that I have chosen for myself. I'm hoping to find in these pages others to share with and learn from, bringing to light the absolute connection in all things and people, showing this world as being a true community.
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10 Responses to Saturday Garden Inspiration – June 13, 2015

  1. sally says:

    That sounds like amazing success. I have one pepper plant that’s growing in the greenhouse and seems to be doing OK, but no flowers yet, fingers crossed for it.


  2. Jennifer says:

    Your peppers look so good. I’m glad it’s working out for you this year. Hope you’re having a nice weekend.


    • Yanic A. says:

      We are thank you… I hope you are having a wonderful one as well. I can’t wait to get a feel for our pepper season. But really, ANY peppers would be a win! 🙂


  3. jenny says:

    you are amazing!! i am so excited to watch your lovely garden grow this summer. such an inspiration to me in so many ways.


    • Yanic A. says:

      Awh, thank you… I love gardening. It is truly a passion and I really want to share my growth and experiences. I find growing your own food so rewarding. Even if it’s just a shelf full of fresh herbs. It makes our relationship to food so real and authentic. I’m happy I can inspire… Are you growing any food this year? Maybe you have fruit trees? I’d love to know!


  4. kathrynpagano says:

    Yay for peppers! I’ve only gotten three peppers and I have the climate for them! 🙂 Gardening is for the the people who believe the glass is half full. They always keep trying!


    • Yanic A. says:

      Amen! 🙂 A constant learning curve. The way I see it, even on those years I don’t succeed, I’ve learned more about what not to do and I try something new the next year. And since we start our plants from seed, really, the most it costs us is a packet of seeds.

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  5. Carlin says:

    They look great! I just put some peppers in the ground today – I’ve never grown them before this year, but with all of the heat I thought I’d give it a try. Can’t wait to hear more about your garden.


    • Yanic A. says:

      I’m hoping they work for you! For us, it’s actually been cooler so I’m hoping that the heat picks up soon. It’s funny how some crops do super well one year, not the next and vice versa… Sure makes eating an adventure! A great exercise in letting go. 🙂


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