Coming back to this space has been hard. I’ve missed all of the wonderful people that I’ve met here, missed the conversations and the feeling of community, but I’ve also been paralyzed  by writer’s block. Mostly, my writer’s block stems not from me having nothing to say, but mostly from me being so out of focus.

When I started this blog, it felt as though my path was clear. I knew what I wanted from life, I knew where I wanted our home and our hearts to go and we had a steady plan on how to get there.

Then, life happened.

Plans get changed, then they get postponed, then they are scrapped all together and new plans are made. Before you know it, you are not the person you were when you started your blog and you ask yourself “where do I go from here?” and “What is this blog about anyway?”

Our family life is wonderful, but it has also been taken over by Little Man’s therapy. But, I don’t want to be an autism blog. Although I think I have a good handle on what works for our family, I don’t feel I’m in any position to tell people how they should go about things. And it feels like all the facts about autism are out there, I am not needed to drive the point in any further. But autism being a major driving force in our home right now, that left me with so much to say, but no idea how to say it and NOT become an autism blog.

I can’t really have a homesteading blog because for now,  our homesteading projects have been put on hold. When gardening season arrived, we were neck-deep in therapy, school, home renovations and planning our first family vacation in almost 3 years. Our soil analysis was shot, the amount of amending needed to have any kind of decent production would have cost a fortune and because of personal health issues and impending surgery (I’m healing well, no worries), there was no way we could see ourselves taking on a homestead this summer. So we let 60% of our gardens go fallow, planted buckwheat and concentrated our efforts on a few of our newer beds. When a late June frost killed all of our warm loving plants, we took it as a sign from the Universe that we had made the right decision.

I so want to find my quilting and crafting voice again, but for now, I’m truly not a quilting or crafting blog. But that should change very soon. I am officially the proud owner of a few days a week “sans” kiddos and I plan on making the most of it as soon as I can sit up for longer than a few minutes at a time. (Abdominal surgery sucks!)

Where does all this new-found time come from? Let me explain : Among the many changes in our lives comes Little Man’s debut in part-time preschool. We were blessed to receive a phone call offering us a 2 day a week space available in this local preschool that is adapted for special little people. They have a full-time specialized education staff, a cooking staff trained in food issues, sensory facilities and a “the more we are outdoors the better” philosophy that was too good to pass up. And he has been thriving : He is making friends, letting go of some of his rigid behaviors, using pictograms to speak and has even started saying “Bye” and “Allo” on a regular basis. Their Montessori inspired focus of independence and life skills has been amazing and little man can now partially dress and undress himself. brush his teeth, put together his own snacks and help in family chores like clearing the table, putting away his toys and helping with yard work.  He has been going for a month now and they are tickled with how well he is doing. So much so that the rehab center has deemed him ready to move to a more intensive therapy schedule. He will be starting proper occupational and speech therapy in addition to multiplying his in-home (and at preschool) therapy sessions. It will require a lot of commitment, but the potential is limitless.

Moving along, I’m really not a food blog. I love sharing my recipes and I love baking and cooking, but the kitchen has been more convenient than creative as of late so not much to say there. But Little Man’s taste buds have been relaxing a bit. Maybe it is eating away from home 2 days a week that has made it happen, but we are finding ourselves able to feed him a lot of new things lately. So we are again feeling this desire to experiment and discover.

Last but not least, when I first started sharing our journey here, I had a deep down desire that MAYBE, I would become a homeschooling mama. That has clearly not happened. So no, I cannot be a homeschooling blog. As some of you know, Little Miss made me understand very early on that she wanted to go to school. Staying home was not an option. Many told me that I should have followed my gut and kept her home, but I truly would not have felt as though I would have respected her wishes. Now, I haven’t yet decided for Little Man. We still have a few years to go. But being honest, after seeing how much progress he’s made in just a few weeks of being exposed to a more structured setting, my heart is slowly accepting that school might be the way for him as well. But luckily in life, things are not always black and white and I may get my wish at least partially. More on that very soon!

So here I am. Seasons have passed, things have changed, I am finding and redefining myself again and my space is still here. Not an autism blog, not a homesteading blog, not a quilting or crafting , food or homeschooling blog. But I am still here. So if you don’t mind, I will keep my blog for a little while longer, and the name will remain the same : Family, because it is the corner-stone of who I am, Faith, because without it I would be lost, Food, because it is always good to eat and Fabric, because my creativity is slightly out of my reach right now, but I’m closely gaining on it and once I catch up, I don’t plan on letting go.




About Yanic A.

Hello to all of you and thank you for stopping by! My name is Yanic. I'm a wife to a wonderful husband, a mother of 2 beautifully complex and unique children and a lover of all things inspiring. Having started a personal journey of self discovery when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter 4 years ago, I've since embraced a daily life of simpler pleasures and gratitude. As we get to know each other, you will know me as a quilter, a gardener, a Tao cultivator, a vegetarian foodie, a true believer in a healthy family life as being the secret to my happiness and hopefully as time goes on, a friend... I will try to share with you my days as they unfold, speaking of my happy successes without censoring my challenges, trying to make this blog a true portrait of the ever-changing path that I have chosen for myself. I'm hoping to find in these pages others to share with and learn from, bringing to light the absolute connection in all things and people, showing this world as being a true community.
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22 Responses to October

  1. Just as you’ve shown so much patience with your children’s needs and growth, this post shows your patience with your own. WE are patient, too. WE have no expectations of how you use this space. WE are glad to see you, hear from you, when you wish to share. We are here. When you are ready.


  2. sophiezest says:

    Yanic, I have missed you and enjoyed your portraits and catch-ups. I totally sympathise with how life can move on. I have also wondered lately whether to keep my blog or not. Anyway, I’ll be very glad to keep reading your words, and I’m delighted to hear about Little Man’s progress. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery!


    • Yanic A. says:

      I’ve missed you too Sophie and I feel horrible because I received your beautiful letter months ago and haven’t replied back. I hope you will forgive me. Starting my correspondence again is one of my goals with this new free time I will be getting. Although I don’t always comment, I always look at your blog when you post something. Again, something I want to be much better about! Thank you for sticking around my friend! xo


  3. arlene says:

    So sorry to hear that, be strong Yanic 🙂


    • Yanic A. says:

      Thank you Arlene, I’m feeling better every day. It was a very routine but sudden thing so I didn’t get the chance to worry about it too much. Now to just learn to relax. I’m horrible at that! 🙂

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  4. erdhummel says:

    Hej Yanic, first of all I am sorry to hear about your surgery and I do hope that you’ll recover as quickly as possible – I can imagine it to be quite hard not to be as active as normally, especially as a mother of two and with a beautiful season outside!
    About your blog: I am so glad to hear from you again and I would love to continue reading your blog. It doesn’t matter at all that it’s not a blog dedicated to one specific topic. On the contrary, I love your mixture! When I thought about it yesterday, I realised how great it actually is to be able to read about and in some (digital) way experience the life of families all around the globe. It offers you the opportunity to widen your horizon and to see how very basic things like raising your kids and organising a family are done in different countries. (Though in this case, Canada and Europe might not be too different in many aspects).
    I find your blog inspiring because I get new ideas regarding crafting, gardening or cooking. Your mud kitchen, for instance, made it on our to-do-list for our new garden 🙂
    I find it comforting as it sometimes puts my own problems into perspective. (One time you wrote about how you get up at 4am in the morning every day…which caused me to feel quite grateful about being able to sleep until 5am :-))
    I find it really interesting to read how you organise your day, how you adapt to the needs of your children and to see what kind of walks and trips you do as a family.
    And, after all, you take beautiful pictures which I love looking at!!
    You see, I think the way how you write your blog is perfect and I love the fact that I can simply write to you like this although we have actually never met.
    So, before this becomes the longest comment ever, I wish you and your family all the best and I am looking forward to a next blog post. Many greetings from Switzerland 🙂


    • Yanic A. says:

      Oh my goodness, long but wonderful comment. Thank you so much. And I feel the same way… These spaces of ours are so personal and real, ty make me feel so close to all of you. Like you, I love reading about others lives… not a comparison, but as a way of connecting. Motherhood can be such a wonderful but sometimes lonely time if you are not surrounded by like-minded people. This is what this space has provide me. I really need to stop psyching myself out about content and see it as an open conversation wit amazing people like you! ❤


  5. Yanic, Melanie said it so well. I won’t repeat her words. Just add my virtual hug and assurance that your readership will be here.


  6. Appleshoe says:

    Oh Yanic, we are walking such parallel paths right now. Of course it’s ok for you to be you! We wouldn’t have it any other way. We are deeply touched, blessed having you in our lives. We both are growing and changing right now. Who knows where we will end up, but one thing in for certain. Even though our lives are not the ones we had planed, there are amazing things happening right now in our lives molding us into who we are becoming. I don’t believe for a second that this is chance. It’s a wow moment to know something bigger than ourselves is showing so much interest in our lives. Amazing and humbling. Always shine my friend.


    • Yanic A. says:

      I’m so thankful for your friendship! Yes, we truly have been on this road together for what seems like forever huh?

      “It’s a wow moment to know something bigger than ourselves is showing so much interest in our lives. Amazing and humbling.” I love that! What a perspective… In our Tao cultivation, we are taught that all true tests in life are gifts. They will not only make you stringer, but they will truly reveal who you are! xoxo


  7. Marie says:

    Very touching post, very touching comments. I come here to read and exchange with you Yanic, not because of specific topics. You take the time to answer everybody. Your blog is a real place to communicate, not what I call a “commercial” blog or a “like” oriented virtual platform. I never write in those places. Just continue to be yourself and share what you want, when you want.🙂


    • Yanic A. says:

      Thank you Marie! That means a lot… It was always what I had hoped for when I started blogging : To share with people. And lucky me, I’ve found an amazing group of people. xox


  8. Dear Yanic, sorry for not having been around a lot lately too, I was going through a very difficult year at home but now we’re getting a divorce, which is a relief after all these months of darkness and things are starting to get back into focus. What I think is that whatever you feel is right. This is an outlet and an important one, but it’s not a chore. And it’s up to you to do whatever you feel fit with it. It seems to me you’re living some challenging times at home so don’t put pressure on yourself about the blog too. True “virtual” friends will still pass by even though you are here less often. I’m happy to read that things are getting back into focus for you anyway and I’m sure you’ll find your own personal, unique, new blogging style. Cheers! Cristina


  9. barnraised says:

    It’s so good to hear from you. Just be a YOU blog, because you’re a thoughtful, talented and inspiring person. I hear you though, the changes, the ups and downs. I’ve lost my voice a bit on my blog too. But I know it’ll be there when I’m ready I suppose.
    Lots of love to you. And feel better soon!


  10. Carlin says:

    Hi Yanic, I was just thinking about you. Are you on instagram? I wish you were! I miss your space, although i have definitely lost touch with the blogging world. If you are, come find me @carlinsea.
    Hope all is well in your world. Take care. ❤


    • Yanic A. says:

      Hello Carlin. I’m soooo sorry I haven’t responded until now. I’ve completely disconnected. No, I don’t have an instagram account because I possess no phone capable of taking pictures worth putting on there. Are you on FB?


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