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The gift of time

As our new rhythm defines itself since we got the news, I’ve had to let go of a few things. One recommendation that was made by the specialists that have followed our Little Man for the last few months was … Continue reading

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A love of learning

When I dreamed of having kids, there were many things I was hoping to teach them and a few things that I hoped they would take from me naturally : My love of nature, my need to create, my sense … Continue reading

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The season I love

Summer you may think? But it goes beyond that. The season I love is the season of food and herb preservation. The moment I have frozen or canned my first food, my heart feels lighter. The moment my first oils … Continue reading

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A lighter tone, pretty shamrocks and a little something green

  So I would be lying if I would say here that I took the break I talked of in my last post. I’m not good at sitting still when something is left hanging in mid-air. But this time, it … Continue reading

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Accomplishment & Pride

Couldn’t help posting again… This is a very happy day!

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Another quiet week…

… and we are enjoying every moment.   I didn’t take many pictures this week. I guess I was too busy, which is good right? There was a lot of baking and making, hearty meals for our hungry stomachs and … Continue reading

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Little glimpses of fall

  Although most of nature is lush and green still, everywhere I turn, I see little glimpses of fall. We’ve been feeling it in the mornings and evenings for a while now : The shift in light, the warmer clothes, … Continue reading

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