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An “all-terrain” sort of life

What if… My kids were taught that only smooth, paved surfaces are safe? Their feet were always trapped inside shoes, their toes never touching the earth, the mud, the rocks, the morning dew, the afternoon heat? Fear of the “dirty … Continue reading

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A long overdue day

It’s been a long time coming. My hubby and I have been so busy with life that we had become passing ships. Waving to each other as the days moved along. We are lucky enough that many of our activities … Continue reading

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Healthy decisions = PEACE

By far one of the best breads I’ve made in a long time! (Minimalist Baker) Thank you to Sandra from Lili & Folks for this adorable little tutorial! The hens and chicks were a huge hit on Easter morning.   … Continue reading

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A lighter tone, pretty shamrocks and a little something green

  So I would be lying if I would say here that I took the break I talked of in my last post. I’m not good at sitting still when something is left hanging in mid-air. But this time, it … Continue reading

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Which came first : The quail or the egg?

In our case tonight, it was the egg. Let me explain… How does learning happen here? It does so randomly most of the time. I’ve tried having a plan, but I’m not a home school mama so I definitely don’t … Continue reading

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Busy busy busy…

It’s been a crafting and “Christmasing” sort of week-end here! Our brand new Advent Calendar (beautifully crafted by my husband) went up on Sunday. We’ve started decorating and put up the outdoor lights. The house is so much more festive … Continue reading


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Little hands doing delicate work

“I want to make my lunch for school today mom!” How could I refuse. She carefully chose each component : Vegan pumpkin and chocolate muffin and cranberries for snacks, yogurt for dessert, the last of the farmer’s market heirloom cherry … Continue reading

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Finding new ways to connect

I remember Little Miss when she was around 16 months old. She was such a calm and meticulous child. She could get lost in a handful of blocks for an hour without asking for any attention on our part. She … Continue reading

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