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Into the New Year we go…

I’m siting here tonight, my home filled with the smell of bread, my husband happily wood carving in the chair next to me, my babies deep in sleep in their room and I know that life is good. Although a … Continue reading

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Days getting shorter, time slowing down

As we get closer to the Winter Solstice, we’ve noticed something strange. Time seems to be slowing down. This will be our first year celebrating the shortest day, the first year we will mark this passage of the seasons, the … Continue reading

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Slowing down, feeling good

So much fun! Here.  Best homemade clay recipe to date! My husband looked at me yesterday, as we were threading pony beads onto our latest homemade ornament project, and simply said : “It’s strange, but I feel so much more … Continue reading

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Christmas “Tree”

We finally did it… We had been talking about it for so long, but that attachment to the smell of the fresh-cut fir-tree had too strong of a pull on me. But I live in the city, so no wild … Continue reading

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Busy busy busy…

It’s been a crafting and “Christmasing” sort of week-end here! Our brand new Advent Calendar (beautifully crafted by my husband) went up on Sunday. We’ve started decorating and put up the outdoor lights. The house is so much more festive … Continue reading

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Warm and slow Sunday

We were on the road much of the day yesterday. A round trip to Montreal for a little bit of Christmas shopping and some time with my sister and our niece. We are so lucky to have little people that … Continue reading

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Thoughts and struggle concerning time

You may have noticed that I’m still not very active on my blog these days. Honestly, I can’t blame my arm anymore. Although there is still some healing to do, it’s feeling much better and I’ve recovered a wide range … Continue reading

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New start, new memories, fresh paint!

So, how do you get over a heart ripping blow in one week-end? Do some physical work, find a new perspective on things and slap on a fresh coat of paint! My parents were sweet enough to offer us refuge in … Continue reading

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A day of making.

  Today was all about making… It was about dad making muffins for big and little people (vegan apple pumpkin muffins to be precise) and starting our journey down the sourdough starter road. It was about expanding on our own … Continue reading

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Living in a small house and the beginning of our quest towards minimal living.

When we bought our home, there were 3 of us. Little Miss was 13 months old and we bought our home on a whim. We were happily living in the city, in a large condo style apartment with all the … Continue reading

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