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To say we woke to snow would be untrue… It started snowing yesterday around noon, but we only started seeing it accumulate has the evening grew dark. I must admit, I wasn’t sure it would stay over night. The temperatures … Continue reading

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Rising and setting

As the colors in the trees fade and my part of the world prepares for a long winter’s sleep, I turn my eye to the sky. See, many here don’t like late fall : They consider it depressing, bare and … Continue reading

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October in pictures – November in words

(Warning : Many pictures follow) I’ve been a bad blogger haven’t I? And a recent wave of sweet messages from friends has made me realize that I may have worried some of you. It occurs to me now that a … Continue reading

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Welcome Autumn

It was all about letting the day lead us today. How is it Autumn already? My brain feels like I’ve lost time somewhere, but my body says to let it go. It’s been a wonderful summer my friends, but I’m … Continue reading

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A deeper connection (and lots of pictures)

The internet is many things, but one thing I never thought it would bring me was meaningful friendships. See, Kim and I met almost 2 years ago through her blog.  I can’t quite remember how it came about. I think … Continue reading

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Going on an adventure…

It’s been a while since we’ve really left the house. We’ve been off on little 24 hour jaunts here and there, but to leave our home, our homenstead, our cats, our little life for several days in a row, now … Continue reading

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A long overdue day

It’s been a long time coming. My hubby and I have been so busy with life that we had become passing ships. Waving to each other as the days moved along. We are lucky enough that many of our activities … Continue reading

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