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Going on no sleep and living in our kitchen – Gratitude

Cryptic enough? Let m explain… The last week has been an intense one. The work on our house has progressed but very slowly. The actual rebuild took the better part of 2 days. The guys were amazing as always and … Continue reading

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Morning, Noon and Night

*** I usually post this on Sunday nights, but since tomorrow I will be spending most of the day somewhere I cannot take pictures, I’ve decided to share with you our very snowy Saturday! *** Morning, noon and night…three little … Continue reading

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First day of Spring?

*sighs heavily* Happy first day of spring everyone! I hope your neck of the woods is warmer and more vibrant this morning. Here in the Great White North, this is how the season has started :   I don’t think … Continue reading

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Winter blues and spring rainbows – Gratitude

So it’s official. I think I’m suffering from the winter blues. I am usually very good with winters, liking them even. But this year, I don’t know if it’s the really cold weather, my daughter’s refusal to walk when we … Continue reading

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First paper piecing block experience! SUCCESS!!!

Happy Saturday all. I hope you week-end is going well. I’m beyond excited to share with you my first experience with the one technique in quilting that I was lacking and that, honestly, scared me to little pieces… (get it, … Continue reading

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How do you prepare for a day of not doing much?

My son has finally lost is fight against the bug that has been going around our home, and while we are all slowly on the mend, he is unfortunately in a miserable state. Funny enough, this week was my week … Continue reading

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For the love of fabric… The making of a quilter’s space

I started quilting a little under 2 years ago. My mother-in-law is part of a family of women that are so talented. Her and many of her sisters (she is one of 7 women!) have carried on their mother’s work … Continue reading

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