Learning a new stitch – a beginner’s dilemma

So, knitting is something I love to do, but honestly, I never really put any real effort into it. The poor friend that thought me how had to re-teach me how to purl about 5 times before it stuck. I love knitting mostly because it is the most portable of my crafts. Although I did pick up some EPP (English Paper Piecing) skills, even that requires papers, thread, needle, scissors, fabric… But with knitting, the whole thing fits in my diaper bag. I’m a happy camper.

Wash cloths and dish towels are my thing. I always make the joke that if it’s square Β or rectangle and mostly made with the knit stitch, I’m good to go. But this year, I wanted to try something new. Not that I was going to make much more than wash cloths and scarves, but I wanted to try new stitches.

IMG_8837 IMG_8838

I found one that I adore : The Horizontal Weave. A quick little you tube video to watch and I was on my way. The fluidity, the ease, it spoke to me. I thought it would be a nice change for a neck warmer I’m making as a Christmas gift. Only here is the thing… The more I knit, the more I like the WRONG SIDE BETTER! Maybe it’s the chunky yarn I used, Β but those heavy warm dense ribs, I’m just in love…


Is that weird? I’m seriously asking because I’ll be putting buttons and button holes in this thing and I wouldn’t want to make a major knitter’s faux-pas here.

I’d love to hear from all my amazing knitting readers and friends…

Thanks in advance for your feedback and have a lovely night. xo

About Yanic A.

Hello to all of you and thank you for stopping by! My name is Yanic. I'm a wife to a wonderful husband, a mother of 2 beautifully complex and unique children and a lover of all things inspiring. Having started a personal journey of self discovery when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter 4 years ago, I've since embraced a daily life of simpler pleasures and gratitude. As we get to know each other, you will know me as a quilter, a gardener, a Tao cultivator, a vegetarian foodie, a true believer in a healthy family life as being the secret to my happiness and hopefully as time goes on, a friend... I will try to share with you my days as they unfold, speaking of my happy successes without censoring my challenges, trying to make this blog a true portrait of the ever-changing path that I have chosen for myself. I'm hoping to find in these pages others to share with and learn from, bringing to light the absolute connection in all things and people, showing this world as being a true community.
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19 Responses to Learning a new stitch – a beginner’s dilemma

  1. Isn’t Youtube great for knitting…it is my go to when I need help. Although tonight I went to the knitting night at the yarn shop, just got back. So much fun. I needed a little help with a project and wanted the hands on help. So worth it, and so nice to get out with some other knitters.

    As for your question, I honestly have no idea πŸ™‚ I say do whatever feels right to you. Either way I am sure your gift recipient will love it! xo


    • Yanic A. says:

      I would love to have knitting nights. Although, the family center here in town will be starting a “chat and crafts” night for stay-at-home moms to come and do crafts together, chat an share. I’m surely going to meet some knitters there. πŸ™‚


  2. mountaingmom says:

    Both sides are beautiful. If the recipient isn’t a knitter, I would put the side you like best on the outside.


  3. cubbyholes says:

    To me right and wrong sides are just ways to explain pattern steps. Go with the side you like and it becomes the right side. πŸ˜€


  4. sophiezest says:

    Hey, looks good! I’ve never tried that stitch.


  5. karen says:

    if you like the “wrong” side then it’s the “right” side! Right? I say do what you think looks pleasing. and the knitting is beautiful!!


    • Yanic A. says:

      Thank you Karen… I thought that is what most of you would say. maybe I’ll just have to find a way to make it “reversible”… Buttons and eye hooks instead of button holes?


  6. bitsofthepast says:

    Do not think you are weird at all! I too find myself looking at the “wrong” side because it is so intriguing how the patterns can look so different from side to side. My thought is if it looks better, go with it! Great idea for a neck warmer!


  7. Both sides look great! I think you should orient it which ever way you prefer. I don’t worry about right and wrong sides of knitted projects unless it’s a cable or has color work in it. I think you’re good to go.


  8. alexa says:

    I feel your dilemna since I’m just getting started back up with knitting too. So many pretty stitches, but often the “wrong” side looks equally pretty. I say go with what you like – you might start a new trend too!


    • Yanic A. says:

      LOL! Maybe so. Wouldn’t that be funny? I’ve been redefining “reversible” that is for sure. πŸ™‚ For me, reversible is “pretty on both sides”, not “same on both sides’, you know?

      Can’t wait to see your projects unfold.


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