A new exciting adventure

I was in the back room yesterday, putting away clothes. Little Man was in the living room happily playing with a box (yep, all the toys in the world would never beat a good sturdy box) and Little Miss was drawing. Suddenly, I heard something spill. It didn’t seem like anything had broken and it seemed like a “plasticky” sound so I didn’t worry. I walked slowly back into the kitchen and found a rainbow mess.

IMG_0416 (1024x683)

IMG_0419 (683x1024)My oh my, he was so proud. He looked at me with those big blue eyes. Maybe he was expecting a reaction, but I just got on my knees, hugged him and guided his hand to the clips, pointing at the bag I was holding in hopes that he would pick up a few to help… and he did.

As I briefly mentioned in my 52 Project post last Sunday, we found out this past Friday that Little Man is deaf in his left ear and possibly partially deaf in his right one. Seems like sounds of all frequencies are an issue in the left, but only high frequencies are problematic in the right. For now, they managed to do all the testing they could for someone so small. They will be seeing us again in 6 months for another round of testing, this time to try to measure the degree (%) of deafness in each ear. We have an in-home evaluation scheduled for mid-April with a speech therapist that specializes in hearing loss in toddlers. She will be able to help us with tricks and tools, strategies to stimulate his speech. In the meantime, we have started learning a few sign language words, we’ve eliminated a lot of sources of white noise in the house to facilitate his concentration and we have taken a step back and started working on simple words again.

Don’t feel sad for us please, I’m writing this because I’m happy. Not happy that my son is deaf, but funny enough, it seems all the tension has left the house. Suddenly, we are at peace with the situation. Why? Because we know. Not knowing and just going through the motions is the worst. For months now, we knew something was amiss. You try not to worry, you try to tell yourself it will all work out, but deep down, you have a feeling you are in denial. I think if my son was simply not talking, I would not have been so worried. But the fact that he wasn’t hearing (or listening) to us, not even turning his head most time when we called him by name, THAT was weighing on me. But now we know… knowledge is absolute power and we will be harnessing all that power to make this a grand adventure! And today I’m grateful :

  • For having an amazing husband and father to my children that is unafraid and ready for anything, right along with me.
  • For family and friends that are positive and won’t treat him any differently. That believe that he will thrive and show us all just how amazing he can be.
  • For a Little Man that will never know anything different, with us having found out so early, this will be his “normal”.
  • For having decided to stay home with him, not knowing this was coming, but always feeling staying at home was the right thing to do.
  • For my faith in a greater force that can help us through anything.
  • For this smile, that lights up my days…

IMG_0429 (683x1024)

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9/52 – Her & Him

A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_0404 (1024x683)

Little Man : What a week. Life changed for all of us this week, but for you, things just stayed the same. We found out on Friday that your little left ear doesn’t quite work the way it should and that is most likely why we are yet to hear you speak all the beautiful words that are probably swimming around your head. How I wish I could hear the sounds you hear so I could help you make sense of them. But we are all embarking on this adventure with you, what a relief to finally understand what is happening. You are going to do great things my little man, and we will be with you every step of the way.

A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_0399 (683x1024)

Little Miss : Oh how you love to dress up! And how I love that you will dress up in just about anything. You are inspired by all things, places, cultures, moods… This morning, you were an Arabian Princess. You find everything beautiful, you are completely free of judgment, you find nothing “weird” and for that, I’m truly grateful. You are growing into such a compassionate little lady.

 Joining Jodi for the 52 Project

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Window Garden & Mid-week Update

A few weeks back (or is it months now, boy does time just fly!), I had posted about us starting to tear down the kitchen cabinets. Although, the project has been put on hold to deal with a few more pressing home renovations, i.e. redoing our one and only bathroom because of having to replace a cracked acrylic bath tub, the one thing that has still been going on is my dream of having my very own window herb garden.

IMG_0391 (800x533)

As you can see, I finally have a few that have sprouted despite of the cold. The left would be little wisps of garden sage and the right is Genovese basil.  Although I’m starting to seriously doubt I’ll be able to harvest from either of them before late spring, just watching them sprout and grow has been a real motivation. We’ve broken out the grow lamps and I now have some of my medicinal herbs in sprouting beds. I’m hoping that by late March, both shelves will be bursting with greenery.

IMG_0387 (800x533) IMG_0382

Find this great Flower Print-Out here.

IMG_0380 (533x800)

And with the days still very chilly (although, it is suppose to warm up nicely this afternoon, keep your fingers crossed for us), we have been finding ways of keeping busy. Spring inspired crafts, brightly colored toys, over heated rooms and morning popcorn movie dates have kept us smiling. It is my true belief that a warm body, warm heart, warm spirit and warm soul are all as equally important in these days of continuous cold. There isn’t much in life that is certain, but for now at least, the turning of the seasons is. Spring is coming my friends… hang in there!

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IMG_0354 IMG_0355 IMG_0356 IMG_0357 IMG_0359 IMG_0362 IMG_0363 IMG_0364 IMG_0365 IMG_0369 IMG_0371 IMG_0373 IMG_0379

Throughout winter, despite the cold, we were lucky enough to get a few days here and there when the weather would give us a break. It hasn’t happened often, but we have tried to take full advantage of them when they do come our way. Yesterday was one of those glorious days.

Early morning (before 8 am), it was already -8’C (18’F) so we hit a local trail and just walked until both kiddos were too hungry to go on. We had received about 10 inches of the most powdery snow we had seen all year. Being one of the first groups on the trails that day, waves of white rolled at our feet as we walked. More than once, we had to pull Little Miss out of snow banks she had sunk in too deep to do it solo and we got several good laughs out of it. The birds were happy to see us and although it was too cold to keep our hands out of our mittens for long, we managed to find ways of feeding them anyway.

As the sun was peeking in and out of clouds, the day would go from ultra bright to almost dusk dark. Shadows in the thick pine forest made the place seem magical and the branches, heavy with snow, would snap up at the slightest graze, sending clouds of flakes over our heads (and down our coats Brrrrrr…) as we pushed on.

A hearty brunch was waiting for us at my parents’ place at the end of our walk and we all ate with veracious appetites. Needless to say, naps were very welcomed after such a soul-healing morning in the beautiful woods we love so much.

Only a few days left before March says hello and I won’t lie, I’m ready for Spring. I’m usually not this antsy for winter to end, but with the cold and fury of the last few months, my body is worn down from so much chill and is ready for the rest that comes with a warm Spring breeze.

Wishing you all a wonderful week. Hope your week-ends were as happy as ours.

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8/52 – Her & Him

A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.


Little Miss : Such a little actress. You were giving yourself attitude in the mirror, preparing yourself for your dance class, watching your arms go up and down, reminding yourself to make like soft waves. I’m so happy that you have found something you love so much. It’s been wonderful to watch you grow more confident with every week.

A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_0333 (1024x683)

Little Man : Winter has not been easy on you. You’ve been finding the confinement of snow gear intolerable so most outing result in you crying throughout most of the hike.  I remember your sister being the same at this age. Although we do not wish for time to go by faster, we are looking forward to you finding your footing, mastering your body and your environment more. But you still have your moments… you still find days when you are king of the forest and I will keep taking you out, hoping for such days.

 Joining Jodi for the 52 Project

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Accomplishment & Pride

RESIZED (1280x853)

Couldn’t help posting again… This is a very happy day!


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Learning to care…

Our daughter wants chickens. And she does so more than anything. She dreams of holding them and petting them. But her view of owning chickens was similar to owning cats. When you asked her “who will feed the chickens?”, she answered “You and dad”. When you would ask her “who will clean up after the chicken?”, she would answer dad.

So we thought about it… and thought some more… and came up with a plan :

IMG_0299 IMG_0302 IMG_0307 IMG_0304 IMG_0301 IMG_0288 - Copy (683x1024)

Our Little Miss is now the proud caretaker of a 1/2 pound family of red worms. In the early morning light, we take out the worms and tend to them. She helps sort out the kitchen scraps and learns to count while remembering which quadrant we feed next. She learns about chemistry by applying the egg shells to keep the environment from turning too acidic. She learns about the cycle of life, watching as the worms reproduce, she learns about composting, she learns responsibility, she learns consistency, she learns about planning ahead… but most of all, she gets to hold them and pet them. They are her first hard-working homestead animals and she can’t wait for her chickens next year.

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