48/52 – Her & Him

A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_3413 (1280x897)

Little Man : You have been walking ahead this week. We go out for our daily walks and you are 10, even 20 ft ahead of me at all times. You know where you are going, you go on without fear… but you still want us there. You turn around, look over your shoulders, you make sure we are following. This road is yours, but you want us on it too and that is such a gift. Thank you for including us. I know you can’t say the words yet, but you always make us feel so loved and wanted. <3

A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_3390 (1280x853)

Little Miss : A quiet morning, sweet friends and some art supplies and you are in heaven. We had our first of hopefully many “girls only’ outing this week-end and it was amazing. Although we love the boys, it’s nice to get dressed up in pretty outfits and head out, just the 2 of us. I promise we will make more time for this come the new year. You have been so very patient while we have been figuring things out for your little brother, you rarely complain. But our lives have reached that peaceful place again and I plan on making it up to you. <3

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Giving thanks… Take 2

Although we don’t get the day off or make a big dinner, we always take time on our second Thanksgiving of the year (In Canada, Thanksgiving is in mid-October) to call family and friends and show gratitude for our many blessings.

Today, I’m thankful :

IMG_3364 (1280x853)

  • For slow mornings before school, filled with creativity, bathed in sunlight.

IMG_3248 (1280x853) IMG_3252 (1280x853) IMG_3260 (1280x853) IMG_3282 (1280x853)

  • For a home filled with an endless love of learning at all ages.

IMG_3356 (1280x853)

  • For children who are filled with imagination, joy and a full sense of who they are.

IMG_3343 (1280x853) IMG_3371 (1280x853)IMG_3270 (1280x853)

  • For giggles, silliness and quiet times… all of them filled with absolute and unconditional love.

IMG_3339 (1280x853)

  • For clear November skies, inspiring me to take in every moment of every day.

IMG_3335 (1280x853)

  • For muted beauty, forcing me to look deeper into myself and others.

IMG_3330 (1280x853)

  • For a clear path ahead, filling me with confidence and leaving me free of doubt.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and family.

Be safe in your travels and be grateful for all you have. Love each other and yourselves. xox 

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“Any regrets?”

That is the question my husband has asked me every November 25th since 2006. “And I’m gonna ask you every year forever because I know I can be a grump sometimes. I want to make sure I still make you happy.”

IMG_3299 (1280x852)

How can he make me anything BUT happy? 9 years ago, when marrying me, my husband moved to another country, leaving everything he knew behind. Although he spoke English and we could have lived anywhere in Canada, he insisted we stay in Quebec and learned French. Immigration took over 15 months and he stuck with it. We survived, without a penny more than barely what we needed, and he never complained. He was my wall, my strength through all of our infertility issues until we were blessed with not one, but two little angels. He jumped into homesteading with me without even giving it a second thought, chose this path of simplicity without ever looking back. He took on the financial burden of our household to allow me to live my dream of being a stay-at-home mom and stop working at a job I hated. He is paying for me to study herbs and natural medicine…

He is my best friend, the most amazing husband and the most wonderful father…

And yes, he’s a grump sometimes…

But that is okay. ‘Cause I can always call him out on it, and we usually end up having a good laugh.

Happy anniversary my love. No regrets, not now, not ever. <3


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47/52 – Her & Him (B & W)

( Little note : The black & white this week was not a planned thing. We have been sick… all of us (except for my husband and his constitution of steel) so honestly, black and white makes us look less pasty, blotchy and droopy eyed. I’m not used to black and white much so I hope you will still enjoy.)

A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_3240 (1280x853)

Little Man : What a sensory overload for you this week : The Christmas lights went up all over the house. You have been getting lost in them. Sometimes peacefully, sometimes not so much, you have been touching them, playing with them, getting your eyes as close as possible to them and taking them in. I think they have soothed you this week. We have all been sick this week, but you’ve been a trooper… my little unstoppable man. <3

A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_3317 (1280x853)

Little Miss : Oh that face… it says a lot about our week. You’ve been channeling a bit of a vixen spirit, it’s been harder to connect. But I know a lot has been happening : It was your first full week at school in a while with all these rotating teacher strikes and you haven’t been feeling well to boot. You are entitled to your moments, I just hope this week finds you more at peace with yourself and us. Please know that we love you no matter what kind of place you are in, I hope you always remember that. <3

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46/52 – Her & Him

A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_3212 (1280x826)

Little Man : You grew up this week. I can’t explain it, but you feel more mature. They told us you would go through bursts in your learning followed by periods where it seemed not much was happening and I think I understand better now what they meant. You’ve been affectionate, giggly, curious and full of adventure. You’ve started really playing with blocks. You walk around with your dinosaurs, making them growl. You also started talking this week : Not with words, but with sign language. You make the signs for “eat”, “more” and “done” now, which makes meal times so much easier. All your moves seem so much more calculated, mindful even.  It’s been a wonderful week with you my love, thank you so much for opening the doors to your world for me. <3

A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_3230 (1280x853)

Little Miss : It is scary how smart you are. You amaze me everyday with your endless curiosity and your powers of retention. You have mama’s photographic memory it seems. which I’m sure will get me in trouble one day. I love our “homeschooling” moments. I love being able to teach you about the world, about nature. I also love being able to go beyond school with you, feeding your brain the knowledge it desires without you being told to wait for others. I’ve been trying to find the balance between what you want to learn and what I think is appropriate for you to learn at this time. You haven’t been too upset with me when I ask you to wait so I guess we are doing well. Love of learning is a gift you will treasure forever my darling, I’m so happy you have been blessed with it. <3

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Rising and setting

IMG_2369 (1024x683) IMG_2371 (1024x683) IMG_2374 (1024x683) IMG_2431 (1024x683)

As the colors in the trees fade and my part of the world prepares for a long winter’s sleep, I turn my eye to the sky. See, many here don’t like late fall : They consider it depressing, bare and devoid of life. But I always say, you just have to know where to look.

My children have always been early risers. With Little Man’s special nature, it has been especially true. The only way we get him to sleep a whole night is to check for his sleeping cues and follow them and that usually means in bed by 6 h 30 pm. So you can imagine how upbeat and ready to take on the world he is at 4 h 30 am. My kiddos share a room in our tiny little home, so my daughter is usually up at the same time and our day begins. They do not know the meaning of week-ends either. This is our reality 7 days a week. You learn to adapt and look for the positives.  One of them has definitely been being able to watch the sunrise.

I have a spot, 5 minutes walk from our house, that gives me an uninterrupted view of the sky to the East. It overlooks the river that runs by our town and stretches over a vast expanse of evergreens. This is where I choose to meditate on certain week-end mornings, while the kids stay tucked in on the couch with dad.

I love the cold for many reasons, but the clarity of the sky is top on my list. Everything is brighter at this time of year and the light, although shorter in hours, seems more present to me. It makes more of an impact on my soul, I take it less for granted. I’ve always been a “quality over quantity” person. Like the strong, more resilient plants I pick from the wild to make my medicines, winter light seems stronger because of the season that fights against it. Better adapted to its environment, restorative, welcomed.

IMG_3183 (1024x683) IMG_3200 (1024x683) IMG_3203 (1024x681)

And when you get to the end of these much shorter days, the sky reminds you again of the power of its light. Our evening walks have become more quiet and contemplative, they have become subtle and a time for turning inwards.

“I think for the next 5 minutes mom, I want us to not talk okay?” Little Miss asked on Sunday night, as we were walking the last trail back to our car. And we obliged. We all looked up as we absorbed the last slivers of light coming over the horizons. You need to stop and watch, the sun setting so quickly now. But catching a glimpse of it is like poetry.

Have you looked up lately? How is the sky where you are?

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45/52 – Her & Him

A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_3176 (1280x853) Little Miss : Early dinners, bundling up for long evening walks in the setting sun, our rhythm is settling in fast as the cold and longer nights are approaching. We have been making it a point to get out every evening we can and you have loved it. I often find you quiet, contemplative, staring at the sky, at one with all that touches you. I don’t think you can put into words exactly what nature means to you yet, but your soul knows it is the place you feel the most at home. No matter what is thrown at you (or us), all we need is an hour outside and you find your center again.  <3

 A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_3170 (1280x853)

Little Man : We are finally there. You have embraced the “reality” of the weather and have stopped fighting us to put on layers. Although you still get frustrated by the restrictive nature of all that plush padding, you are still as active and agile as ever. And here mom thought that maybe (just maybe), the layers would slow you down a bit and I could catch up. But no… You are just as much my go-go getter and mom will just have to take up jogging to keep up. <3

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