Keeping warm

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I’ve been wanting to learn to knit more seriously. I’ve been saying for a long time that I wanted to branch out and learning how to use circular needles this year was a goal. But honestly, all summer long, I’ve been falling back into dish cloths because 1- flat and rectangle is easy and 2- you can finish them pretty quickly, leaving me feeling fulfilled.

But with fall coming, back to school happening and my daughter being more and more vocal about wearing some things that are not hand-me-downs, I had set a goal for myself : come October, she would have a knitted neck warmer and head band that was made by me from yarn she had chosen.

It took a while for me to get the size right. I had to pull apart the neck warmer a few times since the 2 X 2 rib was stretching so much. I really didn’t want her to have it too loose, letting too much air in. I finally landed on 80 stitches and it seemed just right. For the head band, I did the same number of stitches but went for a 4 X 4 rib for 10 rounds, then knit until I was satisfied and finished with the same 4 X 4 rib for another 10 rounds. I’m pretty happy with the result and so is she. She’s been waiting to wear it for a few days now, the temps having been a bit too warm. But the icy cold wind and rain this morning made it perfect and she left home excited to wear something that was totally hers.

And if that is all it takes to make my little lady happy, then knit her more pretty things I will definitely do!

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Once in a Blood Moon…

IMG_2572 (1280x840)

Canada geese heading South by the light of the moon

IMG_2568 (1280x783)

The night before… I’ve always loved the moon the night before the full moon. Seeing those edges around the still blackened sliver. If you click on my picture, the details on the left hand side are splendid.

In 1982, the last time we had a Super Moon / Blood Moon visible from Quebec, I was 8 years old and maybe I knew about it back then, but honestly I can’t remember. And my husband, well he wasn’t even born. So to say that we were going to be staying up to watch the magic unfold last night come hell or high waters is an understatement. We haven’t been very lucky the last few years with night sky events : The last 3 Pleiades, we’ve had rain and clouds. And I can’t remember the last time I was able to observe an Eclipse of any kind. So after the kiddos were tucked away for the night, tea in hand and camera at the ready, my husband and I bundled up on the Adirondack Chairs on our back porch and settled in for the show. We were not disappointed.

IMG_2594 (1280x853) IMG_2602 (1280x853)IMG_2605 (1280x853) IMG_2606 (1280x853) IMG_2615 (1280x853)

Canon EOS Rebel SL1, 1/200 – f10 – ISO 200

IMG_2618 (1280x853) IMG_2626 (1280x853)

Canon EOS Rebel SL1, 1/4 – f8 – ISO 400

IMG_2621 (1280x969)

Canon EOS Rebel SL1, 1/4 – f8 – ISO 800

 The last 2 didn’t come out as sharp as I wanted them too, but I still don’t own a tripod. Definitely one of my next purchases. Also, little tip for myself next time (I mean, we will have our next in only 18 years!), check your battery before starting a 3 hour-long eclipse photo shoot. *sighs heavily* Next time, we’ll have pictures exiting penumbra!

Did anybody else watch? Did you take pictures? Please share your link in the comment section for all to see.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

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39/52 – Her & Him

A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_2575 (1280x853)

Little Miss : You’ve been sick and very VERY tired this week. It was your first full week of school and you had to catch a cold on top of it all, poor darling. We couldn’t figure out how to cheer you up tonight and we finally found a way… Just a few minutes walk from our home, we have an opening onto the river and there was the Moon. You were so excited you actually forgot about the fever and the aches that have been following you around. It was so nice to see you smile.  <3

A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_2462 (1280x874)

Little Man : It was 0’C (32’F) felt when we woke up this morning and barely a few degrees warmer by the time we headed out for our morning hike. Getting you dressed was a challenge : I don’t think you quite understood why yesterday, you were wearing shorts and today, you had to be bundled up from head to toe. The final blow was the mittens. Poor baby, sensory processing and mittens do NOT go hand and hand, but you made it your own. I know as you get used to it, you’ll find other ways to connect with your surroundings, but until then, we will walk this new world together.  <3

Joining Jodi for the 52 Project

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Welcome Autumn

IMG_2270 (1280x853) IMG_2416 (1280x853) IMG_2420 (1280x853) IMG_2421 (1280x853) IMG_2429 (1280x853)

It was all about letting the day lead us today. How is it Autumn already? My brain feels like I’ve lost time somewhere, but my body says to let it go. It’s been a wonderful summer my friends, but I’m ready to settle into this slow and cozy period.

We kept our Equinox celebration simple : Taking in nature, eating from the garden (my plate looks more like August then late September, but I will take it!) and spending a slow darkening evening together. As much as it would have been lovely to share it with friends, it’s been a hectic few weeks again and I cherish every moment I have with my husband and babies.

There have been quite a few changes around here lately : School, birthdays, weekly therapy for Little Man’s sensory issues, play group for him one morning a week giving me a block of time to concentrate on my herbal studies, my husband doing work related training from home…  So again, a new rhythm must be found. But somehow, even though I’m a bit more tired, my heart isn’t toggled. Because as jostled as I am right now, it feels right. And that is a good feeling my friends.

Happy Autumn Equinox everyone

May this season bring you  color and calm. 


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38/52 – Her & Him

A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_2382 (1280x853)

Little Man : You have grown so much this week it seems. There are things you never did before that are popping up : pointing at things you want, trying to put on your own shoes and eating with a spoon! How is it that just 7 days ago, you wouldn’t touch one and now, you eat a whole bowl of macaroni with barely a spill. Goes to show that trying to rush you serves no purpose. You are the true master of your body, mind and soul. <3

A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.

IMG_2397 (1280x853)

Little Miss : Today was the big day and what a party it was… You have been waiting to wear this special dress for months and you felt like a queen in it. With a few select friends, you did crafts, decorated cupcakes, bounced in a trampoline full of balloons and just had a blast. But what impressed me the most is that when you got up this morning, the first thing you asked was if you could write Thank You notes to all your friends and family for coming to your party. Not once did I hear “where are my presents?”, you patiently waited for everyone to arrive and greeted them all with a hug. You’ve always been so mature and generous with your birthdays. It is a beautiful quality in you my love. You make us so proud.  <3

Joining Jodi for the 52 Project

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Homebrewed Kombucha

IMG_2331 (1280x853)

IMG_2332 (1280x853)

IMG_2333 (853x1280)

When I was visiting a dear friend a few weeks ago, she introduced my husband and I to kombucha. Now, we knew what kombucha was, we had just honestly never tried it. I don’t know what was stopping us : The price of store-bought kombucha maybe? Or maybe (for me at least) it was the nervousness associated with fermented foods. I’ve always been a bit nervous about fermenting. And I’ll admit, all my previous attempts having failed (2 batches of sauerkraut, fermented beans and so many sourdough starters I’ve lost count) have not helped build my confidence for fermenting foods at home. But after finally tasting kombucha, we had to try!

I thought of buying a scoby at first, but I honestly didn’t have the money (sooo expensive around here!) so I found a site that explained how to grow your own. All I needed was a store-bought bottle (that was happily on sale for 2.99$) and some sugar and black tea. I went in with very little expectations and was so excited when it actually worked! It took a little under 3 weeks to reach the desired thickness and consistency. It was such an interesting process to watch it grow and come to life.

So now, we are about 10 days away from tasting our first batch. (The same site explains how to make the kombucha as well.) Oh how I hope it all goes as planned.

Have you ever made kombucha before? I would love to hear about your processes, recipes, experiences… 


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To my daughter on her 5th Birthday

“5, can you believe it?”

That is what you asked everyone who called to wish you a happy birthday today.

IMG_2309 (1280x853) IMG_2320 (1280x853)

My grown up Little Miss. Where did the time go?

We had a very low-key day for actual birthday. You had school today and were handed a crown to wear throughout the day. You had picked your outfit so nicely. “A birthday outfit needs to sparkle mom!” Yes, yes it does.

IMG_2319 (1280x853)

Coming home, you and your brother spent most of the hours before dinner in the backyard, running through the sprinkler. It reached 34’C with humidity this afternoon (93’F) which felt so strange for mid September. But the heat and the sun were welcome. We ate popsicles, played and had a blast until dad came home with dinner… your favorite : SUSHI! And for dessert,  chocolate-raspberry macaroons. We chatted and stuffed our faces, then headed to the park. By the time we left, you and your brother were spent and you asked to go to bed after only a few minutes.

What a wonderful age you are entering my love, so filled with adventure and promise. You are no longer part of the “little ones” at school and the age suits you. Every morning, I watch you take that long walk across the school yard, your backpack and lunch bag strapped to you and I think to myself “she’s gotten a little taller I think”. But it’s more than that. I think you walk taller, you have an air of confidence about you that I just love to see.

Happy birthday my sweetheart : May this next trip around the sun bring you places you have never gone before.  May it be the first of many wonderful years of self discovery. Know that your daddy and I will never be far if ever you are looking for our hand to hold. We love you very much!

IMG_2302 (1280x853)

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