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Coming back to this space has been hard. I’ve missed all of the wonderful people that I’ve met here, missed the conversations and the feeling of community, but I’ve also been paralyzed ┬áby writer’s block. Mostly, my writer’s block stems … Continue reading

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Round and round…

… and round it goes. Seems I’ve been away from this space (and every space honestly) for so long. It doesn’t feel quite like mine anymore. Seasons, months, events and ills… We seem to be on a rotation here. This … Continue reading

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How do you know if you have a very good friend? For me, it’s always been the fact that no matter how long it’s been, no matter how much time has gone by since your last talk, the conversation will … Continue reading

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To say we woke to snow would be untrue… It started snowing yesterday around noon, but we only started seeing it accumulate has the evening grew dark. I must admit, I wasn’t sure it would stay over night. The temperatures … Continue reading

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Rising and setting

As the colors in the trees fade and my part of the world prepares for a long winter’s sleep, I turn my eye to the sky. See, many here don’t like late fall : They consider it depressing, bare and … Continue reading

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Welcome Autumn

It was all about letting the day lead us today. How is it Autumn already? My brain feels like I’ve lost time somewhere, but my body says to let it go. It’s been a wonderful summer my friends, but I’m … Continue reading

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True signs of warmer days to come and little kinks

I’ve said it many times before, but I dream of having my own little family of hens. Honestly, the laws around here a bit foggy and we are yet to get clear answers on whether or not we would get … Continue reading

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