First round of colds

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It was just a few degrees above freezing when we all woke up from a harsh night sleep this morning : 3 out of 4 of us seem to have caught our first seasonal bug. Poor super dad, my angel, stayed home to help me manage it all. When we realized that crankiness levels were reaching a certain point of general dissatisfaction, we decided to head outside. I always tell my daughter : bugs don’t like the cold… so let’s go breathe in some cold air!

The sun was shinning, our breath heavy in the air, pushing white clouds above our heads. Colors are not in full spectrum yet, but the intensity is definitely coming. Little peeks of bright neon colors marked our path as we managed a few giggles and smiles through the runny noses and fatigue. It would take more than a cold to keep me inside on a day like this.

Also wanted to share 2 recipes we found that were simply delicious and that we have added to our pantry this year : Roasted tomatillo salsa verde and Asian plum sauce. In both, we omitted the onion and garlic. The flavors were still amazing. Now to make homemade egg rolls and black bean enchiladas… Yummy, it’s gonna be a good winter!

About Yanic A.

Hello to all of you and thank you for stopping by! My name is Yanic. I'm a wife to a wonderful husband, a mother of 2 beautifully complex and unique children and a lover of all things inspiring. Having started a personal journey of self discovery when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter 4 years ago, I've since embraced a daily life of simpler pleasures and gratitude. As we get to know each other, you will know me as a quilter, a gardener, a Tao cultivator, a vegetarian foodie, a true believer in a healthy family life as being the secret to my happiness and hopefully as time goes on, a friend... I will try to share with you my days as they unfold, speaking of my happy successes without censoring my challenges, trying to make this blog a true portrait of the ever-changing path that I have chosen for myself. I'm hoping to find in these pages others to share with and learn from, bringing to light the absolute connection in all things and people, showing this world as being a true community.
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8 Responses to First round of colds

  1. appleshoe says:

    Oh I’m so sorry to hear you are all down with a bug. Feel better soon. I like the idea of telling my wee one that bugs don’t like cold. With your yummy meal plans I’m sure you will all feel better in no time. Be well.


    • Yanic A. says:

      It’s a great way to motivate them to go outside. Especially in the dead of winter here. The kiddos are both in bed and my hubby and I are relaxing as I type this. Already feeling a bit better. Fingers crossed this is just a little spell. With such a beautiful next few days in view, I wouldn’t want to miss a minute! Hoping you and yours are well. Much love xo


  2. Hope you all feel better soon. xo


    • Yanic A. says:

      Bah… little colds. We are toughies! 🙂 But thank you. Poor Little Miss has no voice though. So sad to hear her squeaking. A couple of restful nights should do the trick.


  3. Buffy says:

    The Asian plum sauce looks yummy! I may need to try this one!


  4. sally says:

    Hope you’re all feeling better now, those leaves would be enough to cheer anyone up I would have thought, even with a miserable cold.


    • Yanic A. says:

      We are feeling better, thank you.
      Fall has been spectacular this year. I’m so happy with the progression. Some years, we barely get a few days because of rain and wind. But this passed week has been a God send!


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